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The Great Firework Datsoe!

Soaring across the night sky, you might be able to see this Datsoe's bright tail whisk by like a shooting star.

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  • Isle of the Dark

    The award-winning adventure that started it all! Can a monster hunter put his trust in a creature of death to save the kingdom?

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  • Isle of WinterNox

    A fun novella that features Ranger teaching Isle about the wonders of their holiday season.

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  • Acceptance In Ice

    Murder and intrigue follow Ranger and Isle in this thrilling sequel to Isle of the Dark! Filled with secrets, magic, mystery, new friends, and heartbreak.

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  • Truth At Sea

    Happier than ever, Isle has been accepted by the kingdom even though he is a Datsoe monster. When the Queen asks Ranger to hunt down pirates, Isle has no idea that his life will never be the same again.

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  • Sinner

    Lonely and hated, Demo is plucked from his day-to-day life by fate to save the world. Can he earn the trust of his new teammates in time to stop a villain who is obsessed with destroying humanity almost as much as he loves Star Trek?

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  • Tales of the Weird and Strange

    Authors from around the globe came together to tell fictional spins on real local legends from their area. Aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot... you name it! Delve into spooky stories sure to make you shiver!

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  • Tales FunBook

    Want something fun to challenge your mind? The Tales FunBook has puzzles and games directly linked to Tales of the Weird and Strange that will keep you entertained!

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