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Isle of the Dark

Isle of the Dark

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Legendary guardian Ranger Swordsman has devoted his life to saving the kingdom from Datsoes; Mindless, soulless monsters bent on destruction.  For decades he has travelled alone, shunning any comfort, even love. When he captures a Datsoe to take back for execution in time for the Fallheart celebration, he is unprepared for his reaction to it. Joined by his fellow warriors to escort the creature back to the Queen and celebrate his many years of service, Ranger tries to shake the feeling that there is more to this monster than meets the eye.
Isle has been alone for a long time, struggling to hang on to his humanity. Trapped in a cage, his past long forgotten, he desperately hopes that the fierce warrior who threatens his life will understand he only seeks friendship.  
Facing an enemy who's been hidden for centuries, Ranger and Isle must set aside their differences to save mankind.
Will they survive, or succumb to a power thirsty Datsoe that wants more than what lies in the woods beyond the Kingdom's borders... 

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