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Rina Brown Organization



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     Demo’s life is full of uncertainties; living above an ice cream shop in the heart of Chicago, he goes to angelic school knowing he is hated and feared. Being a half demon in the golden clouds has its downfalls. When he is chosen to be an angelic protector, even Hera is shocked.  Determined to prove he’s more than a textbook heathen, he pours his heart into earning the trust of a new team of protectors. Distracted by the beauty of Ivy, the Goddess of Nature, anxious to win over Aquarius, a shy Atlantean, and keep his cool when confronted by Aries, a monk with anger issues, Demo will do whatever it takes to save the people he loves.

      Throughout the ages, the forces of Heaven have kept the Underworld at bay, but there is a traitor in their ranks. Determined to destroy everything the Goddesses have sworn to protect, the Demi God, Corinthus, isn't prepared for fate to foil his plans. Driven by revenge, obsessed with a tainted love, he has every intention of destroying humanity, in between episodes of Star Trek. 

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