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PRESALE -- Down Came The Rayne

PRESALE -- Down Came The Rayne

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RELEASE DATE: July 31st 2024 -- Book Will Ship August 1st

*Discount applicable to Presales only!*

Under the shadow of rain-filled skies, a killer is stalking the employees of Chance's Hardwood. When her overbearing mother convinces her to go to work for husband number six (or is it seven?) Victoria Rayne has no idea she's become a target. With her best friend flying in for Christmas, and a growing attraction to a broody coworker, Victoria doesn't have time to keep finding dead bodies! When Victoria is attacked in the warehouse after hours, the race is on to discover the secret behind mysterious forces surrounding her stepfather's business: because no one wants to die working for a company with the slogan, "Our wood never disappoints." 

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