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Acceptance In Ice

Acceptance In Ice

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     Ranger and his adopted son, Isle, once again find themselves in unusual circumstances. The Datsoe plague has kept kingdoms apart for centuries, but now, thanks to the mighty Guardian's tireless efforts, they are able to reunite. The Monomers, visiting from the icy cliffs of Ococna, ask Queen Francine for an escort home.  Ranger and Isle are summoned to the Palace and entrusted with the Royal family's safe return. 

     Attacked by a pack of vicious Datsoes along the way, Ranger and Isle are isolated from the royal procession just as the Monomers reach their border. An avalanche reveals a portal to a forgotten race called the Asalairi hidden deep within the mountains. The dangers of the Datsoe plague become a distant shadow as they help the Asalairi people face a fierce foe called the Spirit Stealer.  

     Secrets from Ranger's past surface, and a new friends may not be all that they seem. In this breathtaking sequel to Isle of the Dark, an unclaimed throne is worth killing for, and the murderer has their sights set on Ranger! Can Isle save him in time?

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