Collection: Down Came The Rayne

RELEASE DATE: July 31st 2024 -- Book Will Ship August 1st

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Under the shadow of rain-filled skies, a killer is stalking the employees of Chance's Hardwood. When her overbearing mother convinces her to go to work for husband number six (or is it seven?) Victoria Rayne has no idea she's become a target. With her best friend flying in for Christmas, and a growing attraction to a broody coworker, Victoria doesn't have time to keep finding dead bodies! When Victoria is attacked in the warehouse after hours, the race is on to discover the secret behind mysterious forces surrounding her stepfather's business: because no one wants to die working for a company with the slogan, "Our wood never disappoints." 

  • Isle isn't so loveable when you make him mad.

  • Shedding his human-like skin, he transforms into a formidable foe.

  • Good thing he's one of the good guys!

  • Queen Kitty is one of the first Datsoes in the new plague.

  • She rules the ruins of an ancient castle.

  • She's not your a-typical tabby cat.

  • He may look soft and cuddly, but this bear isn't so rosey!

  • His floral scent can make his prey swoon.

  • But his razor talons will lead you to your doom!

  • The mighty protector of Juduiverian treasure.

  • She can consume a trespassing ship and its crew in a single gulp.

  • This colossal serpent is not one to be trifled with.

  • Son of the gatekeeper, and only demon allowed to live in Heaven.

  • His handsome exterior hides a wounded heart.

  • Can he be the leader the team needs to survive?

  • Daughter of Mother Nature herself, Goddess of all flora.

  • Ivy is as kind as she is beautiful

  • Mightiest of warriors, she has no time for fashion... or shoes.

  • Son of the General to the mystical underwater city of Atlantis.

  • This shy noble finds his courage.

  • His power over water pales in comparison to his fierce loyalty.

  • A monk with anger issues.

  • Aries needs to overcome his own prejudices;

  • And embrace the beauty of friendship.