I Was Featured in a Magazine - the Best Feeling Ever!

I Was Featured in a Magazine - the Best Feeling Ever!

     When I won the All Author contest, I was happy, but I didn't realize the doors it could open for me. Of course I received the obligatory spam emails, offers of this and that, all of which I ignored. Imagine my skepticism when The Reader's House, a magazine from London, reached out. It was a very terse email, and I admit I missed it. (I am awful about checking my email) When the editor sent a second, Hey, last chance email, my mom caught it and we both sneered. Surely this was a gimmick.

     My mom researched it and realized it was legit. But why, how, did they find me? To this day, I have NO idea. The only thing I can guess is from the contest I won. After a flurry of emails, questions, and a photo shoot, boom, I was in a 2 page spread. 

     It all happened really fast, and even now, holding it in my hands, I can't believe it. My books rarely sell online, yet here I am, in a magazine. 

     Our motto is "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Rather cliché I suppose, but it is true. Overcoming my social anxiety is a daily task, but it it necessary for the vocation I have chosen. From my first book signing, (no one came) to traveling around the U.S. to promote Isle of the Dark, each step has been one more rung on the ladder. Being featured in a magazine brought me a little higher in confidence, and I am very grateful to the team at The Reader's House for making an unknown dream a reality for me. 

     If you want to pick up a copy, the are available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon to name a few. 







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